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Welcome to the Evermoor Chronicles Wiki. This wiki is about a British series on Disney Channel named The Evermoor Chronicles, formally known as Evermoor. We have 4 admins and 3 active users. It is currently Wednesday April 6th, 2016. This wiki was founded on July 24, 2015 and we have 2,619 edits.


About the Show
Tara Crossley and her family are trying to settle into the strange village of Evermoor. On top of normal teenage problems there’s a tapestry that predicts the future and Tara has to wrestle with her new secret identity of all powerful Supreme Everine. All she wants is a normal life, good grades and her crush, Cameron. But a series of magical mishaps turn Tara’s rites of passage into an epic battle for the village. Can Tara and her friends defeat the dark forces that are threatening to wipe Evermoor off the face of the Earth…?