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Yes! Sorsha and Cameron for the win!
Tara about Sorsha and Cameron in New Flames

Camsha (Cam/eron and Sor/sha) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Sorsha Doyle and Cameron Marsh


Sorsha and Cameron have been shown to be friends. In New Flames, the two had to pose as a couple to fool the The Founders and subsequently kiss due to this. They appeared to be on good terms afterwards. It is unknown if the two friends keep contact after Sorsha left Evermoor with Seb.


Season 1

New Flames

  • Sorsha and Cameron had to pretend that they were a couple.
  • Sorsha and Cameron held hands.
  • They posed in their yearbook photos together.
  • They kissed and hugged afterwards.



  • They are both Evermoorian born.
  • They both only have one parent - but Sarah is still a tree.
  • They both attended Evermoor High once.
  • Both of them don't have any siblings.


  • Cameron still resides in Evermoor, Sorsha does not.