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I don't do sports.
—Alice to Cameron in Splintered

Alice Crossley is a main character in Season 2 of The Evermoor Chronicles. Alice is portrayed by Scarlett Murphy.


Alice is Bella’s slightly edgy, street-smart cousin who’s recently moved to Evermoor Manor. Alice got in with a bad crowd in the city and her father Jed wants a safer and simpler life for his daughter. She is determined, sarcastic, and not afraid to stand up for herself and be blunt to others.


Before The Show

Alice lived with her father. She got in trouble at her old school involving an incident with one of her friends and a school teacher, so her Dad moved her out to Evermoor for a fresh start.

The Evermoor Chronicles

Alice moves to Evermoor with her Dad and stays in the manor, along with her cousins Jake and Bella. She soon discovers along with the others the fate of Ludo and becomes a member of Bella's Circle, joining in on the hunt for the splinters to help turn Ludo back into a human.



Jed Crossley (Father)

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Jed is Alice's father. The two of them had a strained relationship due to Jed's lack of trust for Alice, but this was resolved in The Things They Say About Alice. Despite their conflicts, the two of them love and care about each other.

Bella Crossley (Cousin)

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Bella is Alice's cousin. The two of them are both members of Bella's Circle. Alice often goes to Bella for advice and help, implying that she looks up to her. Bella was the only one who really stood up for Alice in The Things They Say About Alice and convinced Jed to listen to his daughter and talk things through. They always try to help each other in any way they can.


Cameron Marsh (Possible Crush)

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It has been shown that Cam may have some kind of attraction towards Alice. With Bella and Tara, it was evident that they were interested in him and we're trying to get his attention. However, Alice is quite the opposite and shrugs off Cam's attempts of flirtation or affection, much to his surprise.


  • Alice has used splinter magic for herself on two occasions. The first in The Things They Say About Alice, where she wished that the good things that people say about her would come true. The second in El Monsignor's Last Stand, where she wished for El Monsignor to come to life and outshine her Dad. However, the first instance was indirect instead of intentional.